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Real Money Online Casino Ontario 2023

ontario online casino real money

If you are wondering what real money online casinos are and how you can play at one, you are on the right page. Here we will give you all the basics, tips, details, and so much more you need to know if you want to gamble online. Even if you have never placed a single bet at an online casino, you will soon learn how you can do that and how you can enjoy this form of entertainment as much as possible.

Online real-money casinos are gambling sites where you will use real money to place bets and play games. This can be considered an investment of some kind due to the fact you can actually win real money and withdraw it to your bank account.

There are many casinos of this type in Ontario. New ones are added almost on a weekly basis, so you can play games at new and established sites that have been known for a superb level of safety and a lot more. Anyway, below you have all the points you need to know about and let’s start discussing each one.

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🤞 Our Best Online Casino To Pay Real Money in Ontario 2023

Casino Rating Minimum Deposit Score Casino Site
Top Rated
Jackpot City
51 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino
Hot and Trend
47 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino
Quick Withdrawal
Spin Casino
50 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino
Leo Vegas
36 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino
Lucky Days
46 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino
Ruby Fortune
49 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino
Yukon Gold Casino
46 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino
Captain Cooks Casino
40 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino
Zodiac Casino
46 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino
Casino Classic
48 votes
Minimum Deposit
Visit casino

🔍 How Do We Rate Real Money Casinos?

Deposit Process
Game Selection
SSL certificate
Live Support

It is not a secret that there are a lot of casinos where you can play using real money. That’s why we need a system that will help us find the best one and present the best review and details to our readers. Here are the main factors we will consider when testing the casinos in Ontario.

Safety & Player Protection

☝️ Number of Real Money Casinos: 13
☑️ Most Popular Real Money Casino: Spin Casino
✨ Best Real Money Casino: Jackpot City

The first factor is related to the safety of all players. The casino must use SSL and additional systems that will encrypt your data and make it hidden from all others. At the same time, we will look at the systems that will protect your account from hackers.

You can see why we pay a lot of attention to this factor. In order to play at these casinos, you will have to share a lot of personal information such as card details, telephone, email addresses, and more. You want these to be hidden while playing.

Legality and Gambling Licenses

You have to know that in Ontario, AGCO is responsible for controlling all forms of gambling and betting. This applies to online casinos where you will use real money. The simple thing here is that the casino needs to have a proper license and be approved by the government. This is the simplest explanation and the only one you will actually need.

If you play at a casino of this kind, you will see that you can play fair games, use safe payment methods, and you can actually win because games are fair. Then you can withdraw the winnings to your bank account and use them for anything you like.

Game Selection and Software Quality

We will then look at the games and the software developers. The goal here is to have an online casino real money where you can play a lot of different games. Some sites will have over 3000 games, and this is a huge advantage. These sites will cooperate with a lot of different software developers as well.

More games mean more fun to the players. In other words, a player like you will be able to play more games at the same casinos. He or she will not have to look for another gambling site to play a specific game.

Percentage of RTP

This refers to the payout rate of the casino. It is seen in the percentages, and it is usually above 96%. What this means is how often the casino will pay out the players or, better said, how often you can win. A higher percentage means you can win more in less time, and you can make your gambling more productive.

Yes, we like Ontario online casinos that have a high payout rate or RTP, and we will prefer the ones with the best outcomes for the players. All casinos have a unique RTP, and it can make a massive difference.


This refers to the payment methods the casino offers. You can see a page for banking or payments at most casinos. There you can see all the payment methods accepted by the casino. Some sites will have over 30 different options. We like the ones with more options.

It allows players to deposit funds to the casino in less time and use a method they like, prefer, or have been using already. We like sites that have more payment methods which makes the whole gambling session much easier for Ontario gamblers.

Customer Support

We will never recommend an online casino for real money where you cannot contact customer support. If there is some issue at the site or you simply need help, and you need it now without customer support, you cannot get this perk.

We will consider which payment players can use Live chat as the best one. Of course, this medium must be available 24/7, so you can get help whenever you like. But we will include telephone and email support if these options are available. Every player needs the possibility to contact help using a medium he finds most useful or the most appealing.

Withdrawal Processing Times

All casinos will offer you the ability to withdraw the funds. How fast they can complete your request does make a massive difference. As such, we will consider the casinos that offer instant or very fast payments. This means that you can withdraw the funds from the casino and get the money within minutes or hours.

This will be revealed on the payments page if you want to check some other casinos we didn’t test. But we will also check for any fees and how accurate their information is on the payments page.

Mobile Compatibility

Another factor we will always check at these casinos is mobile compatibility. What this means is that we will test the casino using a smartphone and a tablet. The casino must work well with smartphones. Here we will check for the method players can use. For instance, some casinos will use a web browser while others will use apps. We will specify how you can play games and whether there are any issues or etc.

This is an important factor. We will never list casinos that don’t have this option or advantage. What this means is that players should be able to play casino games and use the casino via their smartphones all the time.

➕ Advantages of Ontario Real Money Casinos

Online casinos in Ontario, where you can gamble for real money, truly come with an impressive list of advantages. Here are some of them so you will hopefully understand all of this even better and see how and why we like online casinos.

  • Massive Jackpots – At most online casinos in Ontario, you can play games that have massive jackpots. Some of this can make you a millionaire within seconds. Yes, these are progressive slots most of the time, but other games offer massive jackpots as well.
  • Secure Transactions – All the payment methods used for online gambling are secure. All casinos are secure as well, meaning you don’t have to worry when sharing your data. These days online gambling is as safe as possible.
  • Great Customer Support – Casinos nowadays must offer great customer support available 24/7. Now you can get help within seconds and you can resolve any issue you have and continue playing at the casino.
  • Many Games – These casinos may have 500-5000 games. Yes, slots are the most versatile, but other casino games come in massive numbers as well. As such, you can play all the games you like in one place, and you can play them as long as you wish.

➖ Disadvantages of Ontario Real Money Casinos

These casinos are great, and they have been offering a lot of advantages for a long period of time. But there are some drawbacks here we need to discuss. These are not some severe problems, but you still have to know about each one.

  • Possible High Wagering Requirements – Some casinos may have very high wagering requirements meaning you will need to invest a lot more before you can withdraw the funds. These requirements can be 90 times.
  • You Can Lose Money – At the end of the day, these are casinos, so you can win and lose money. This is a well-known issue with all forms of gambling, and we assume you already know all about it.
  • Payout Limits – Most casinos will limit how much you can withdraw per day, week, and month. In some cases, these limits can be low, so you will need multiple withdrawals in order to get all the winnings from the casino.

🥇 How to Choose the Best Real Money Casino in Ontario?

Here are a few things you need to know before you start looking for an online casino in Ontario where you can gamble for real money. These can be considered as small factors that have a huge role in all of this, and they can make a massive difference when it comes to the appeal and satisfaction of your online gambling session.

Game Variety

You will want to play games at the casino that has a lot of them. Look for slots, table games, live dealer games, lotteries, and tournaments. If all of these and others are available, it means that the casino has plenty of games to offer, and you can play there for years.

Brand History

It is a wise thing to look at the history of that casino. If the casino has been available online for many years and there are a lot of happy customers or gamblers, you will want to play there. If the casino is new, look at our reviews first or other reviews. The goal is to play at a fair and safe online casino.

Customer Reviews

We recommend you check the reviews of other players who gambled at the casino. Using these, you can learn a lot about online casinos where you want to play games. You can learn about the main advantages, some features, possible issues, and more.

Variety of Payment Methods

The last thing you will want to look for is the list of payment methods. Here you need to look at the supported payment methods. Look at which ones are available for deposits and which ones you can use for withdrawals. The goal is to use as many of them as you can and that the casino supports the ones you want to use.

🃏 How to Start Playing Real Money Casino in Ontario

Choose Casino
Sign In
Deposit Money
Choose Game
Start Play

If you are a completely new player and you have never played casino games and want to know how you can start, this is a section you must read. Below we will have all the steps explained and revealed so you can start gambling within minutes if you like.

  • Choose the Casino – An important thing you all have to consider is where you will gamble. We have here the best online casinos in Ontario, and you will need to find one that suits you well. Then you can gamble at the casino and have fun.
  • Create An Account – Use the link we will provide you to create an account. Using the link, you are eligible for all kinds of games that a particular casino has to offer, which can help you play much longer, even with a small investment.
  • Deposit Funds – Go to the cashier section at the casino and choose which method you want to use to deposit funds. Then provide the needed details and confirm. The funds will be added to your casino balance within seconds.
  • Choose a Game – Browse the games and choose the one you like. If you like playing slots, play them. If you like poker, learn a few basics first and then start to play with real money.
  • Play and Win – This is the best step here. All you have to do is to play games and have fun. With a bit of luck, you will win real money.
  • Withdraw the Winnings – Now go to the cashier section again and choose withdrawals. Choose which method you want to use and provide the details. The funds will be sent to your bank account or the method you have chosen within hours.

💵 How to Deposit Money at An Online Casino?

Click on Deposit Button
Choose Deposit Method
Decide Amount of Deposit
Click Deposit
Enjoy Casino Games

The first thing you need to know here is that you will have to deposit real money if you want to gamble with real money. If you don’t do this, you will be able to play with virtual money only. For this purpose, here is a small guide.

  • Opt for the Casino – Choose the casino where you will want to play for real money. Here you can see all the best casinos, so opt for one.
  • Create an Account – Use the link and register. This is a simple process, and you will need to enter your email, name, and a few more details and confirm the email.
  • Go to the Cashier – Now visit the cashier section at the casino. Here you can see all the methods that are available for you to deposit funds.
  • Choose Method – Choose the one you like or the one you have been using already. Some casinos have over 30 different methods, so choose carefully.
  • Enter the Details – Enter the details here. You will enter how much you want to deposit as well. This is a straightforward task, and follow the instructions from the casino.
  • Done – The funds will be available in your account, and you can play games instantly. All the games will be available to you within seconds.

💸 How to Withdraw Money at an Online Casino?

If better said, when you win real money from the casino, you will want to get the winnings into the real world and use them. Here is how you can do that at any online casino in Ontario.

  • Go to the Cashier Section – You will need to go to the cashier section where you used to deposit funds. Here you can see all the methods available. Click on withdrawal.
  • Choose a Method – Choose which method you want to use for this transaction. Once again, we can see casinos that have over 30 different payment methods.
  • Enter Details – Yes, you will have to enter the details linked to the payment methods you want to use and the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Wait for the Transaction to Complete – Issue the request, and you are done. This can task sometimes, depending on the method you want to use.

🎰 Real Money Casino Games


Once you are done creating the account and depositing the funds, you can play games. Which games players from Ontario can enjoy at real money online casinos? The list is massive. You can play over 3000 games at some casinos. But here are the main types and the main games most of you will want to play.

Real Money Slots

A lot of players will want to play slots. These games are versatile, and 80%+ of all casino games are slots. You can place a bet and enjoy Ontario slots. You will need to have all winning symbols on one payline. If you do, you will win. Some of these games offer massive winnings.

Real Money Blackjack

The game is played versus a dealer or a computer in this case. You need to have a card sum that is higher than your opponent has. The game is played with up to 21 sums of cards if you go over, you will lose. This game has a low house edge which makes it a great choice.

Real Money Poker

Poker is a game of skill and luck at the same time. You also need to have a strong hand which is more specific than in Blackjack. But, if you know how to play and you are lucky, you can win amazing amounts of money.

Real Money Roulette

American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette are the most common types. These all have a roulette wheel, a table, and a ball. You need to place a bet on the number where you think the ball will land. Then you can win 35 times the stake. The red or black bet comes from this game as well.

Real Money Baccarat

The game may look like blackjack, but it is not the same thing. Here you will play up to 9, and you can play versus a dealer. You can bet on a player, tie, or dealer. Keep in mind that professional players will bet on a player. It has the most appealing odds.

Live Dealer Games

These games all have a professional dealer at the table. He will control the game, and you will stream the live feed from your device. Yes, you can use a smartphone for this. You will need a fast internet connection because these games run on HD technology, and they have a lot of features.

📱 Real Money Mobile Casinos in Ontario

Almost all of these casinos are available over a smartphone. You can use a web browser to play games and have fun. You can also use an app if the casino has one. Keep in mind that the first option is more common and more appealing to players. The apps are still available but not as common as they used to be.

If you want to download the app, you can do that from Google Play, App Store, and the official website. Only Android phones can download apps from the casino directly, so keep that in mind. Using the app, you can create an account, play games, deposit funds, and all the rest. If you use a payment method that works well on a smartphone, this can be an ideal form of gambling.

Last but not least, online gambling via a smartphone is safe, and you will still get the latest technologies to use and enjoy. This means that there are no issues or complications when playing over a phone or a tablet.

💡 Tips to Win in Ontario Real Money Casinos

If you really want to win playing games at online casinos, you need to read what we have to say here. These are some of the simplest tips that work well and have been used by millions. Even professional players use them all the time, and they win. All you have to remember is that you should use all of these tips together to get the best experience and the best odds.

  • Play with the money you can afford to lose – The main rule here is to play games only with the money you can afford to lose. For some of you, this is CAD100, while others can invest much more. The actual amount is not important. It is important to know that you can win or lose playing these games and that you need to invest money you can afford to gamble.
  • Play specific games – Some games have a low house edge meaning you have better odds of winning. Craps, for instance, are great. French roulette has great odds as well. Blackjack and baccarat are appealing as well. Better odds mean you can win more in less time.
  • Learn the game first – You should play free or demo games before you invest money and start playing at the casino. Free games will help you learn how to play the game and how you can win. They are fun as well.
  • Play, win, and withdraw – A simple trick here is to play, win and then withdraw the winnings but leave some amount of money at the casino and continue gambling. Do this every single time when you win, and you will make online gambling profitable.

💳 Payment Methods in Ontario Real Money Casinos

If you want to play real money casino games, you need to invest real money. For this purpose, you will need a payment method that the casino supports and that you want to use it. There are a lot of options, and we will list the ones you will likely use.


This method is very popular in Ontario and Canada in general., You can use it to deposit funds and withdraw the winnings. All of this is simple, you need an Interac account, and you are good to go. The method is more than just secure. It is super-fast as well.


This method has been used by millions. It allows you to deposit money into the casino and withdraw the funds. In general, it is a fast e-wallet that can be used for a lot of things outside of online gambling. Just add the bank account or the card to fund the account, and then you can use it.


Skrill is an e-wallet that has been known for years. It is very popular for online gambling due to its overall simplicity and speed of transactions. You can use it to deposit funds within seconds and also to withdraw the winnings from the Ontario online casino. The withdrawals are fast as well.


This e-wallet has been one of the best and most popular methods in the online gambling industry. You can use it for instant deposits and withdrawals. You can also see it being accepted at countless online casinos. The method is secured, and it works well on a smartphone.

Instant Bank Transfer

Yes, you can use a bank wire transfer. This method is very common in Ontario. You can enjoy fast deposits. But the withdrawals are not as fast as some other methods here have them. On the other hand, it is one of the most secure methods you can use in online gambling and is suitable for massive amounts of money.

🔰 The Legitimacy of Real Money Online Casinos in Ontario

The main thing you need to know here is that gambling in Ontario is legal, and it is regulated. The government body called AGCO, or the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, has been responsible for the control of these sites. Sports betting and online casino games are both legal and controlled. On the other hand, this means that you should play games at licensed casinos because they are legal in the state.

Other than this, there are no other major things you should know. All forms of gambling are allowed according to the law, and you can play games on any device you like. There is no need to add that you must be at least 19 years o age or older. Underage users are not allowed to gamble, and yes, this is against the law. Luckily all casinos will ask you to complete verification before you can place bets or withdraw your winnings.

Be free to play all the games you like and also place bets on sports events. This is more than just possible and available in Ontario. If you have any issues while playing casino games, you can contact the gambling authority and ask for help. You can also contact local, responsive gambling services that offer gambling addiction help. All you need to know here is an obvious thing. Gamble responsibly and have fun.

📚 References

  1. Player Support & Information - Online Gambling (igaming) and Sport and Event Betting | Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario - https://www.agco.ca/lottery-and-gaming/player-support-information-online-gambling-igaming-and-sport-and-event-betting
  2. Online Wallet for Money Transfers & Online Payments | Skrill - https://www.skrill.com/en/

🛇 Blacklisted Casinos

  • Huge wagering requirements
  • No live chat and support
  • Long payments
Surf Casino
Surf Casino
  • Pirated copies
  • No phone number
  • Long wait
  • Withdrawal problems
  • Poor support
  • Pirated copies of Novomatic games

❗❓ FAQ

  • Is it legal to gamble online for real money in Ontario?

    Yes, it is 100% legal activity, and you can enjoy online gambling as much as you like. The main requirement is that you are 19 years of age or older, and that’s it. All of these casinos are licensed and controlled by the government.

  • Can I play at real money casinos in Canadian Dollars?

    Yes, all of these casinos will accept CAD as the currency, and you can use it. This is a huge thing. You can play without paying additional fees or conversion costs, so it makes a massive difference.

  • What is the payout percentage?

    The RTP is expressed in percentage, and it means how much money you can back if you invest CAD100. If the RTP is 98%, it means that you can get CAD98 back. More is always better, and it means you can win more.

  • How long does it take to withdraw my winnings?

    It will depend on the casino where you play games, and also on the payment method you have used. Some methods and casinos offer instant withdrawals within minutes, while in other cases, you will have to wait days.

  • Can I play at real money casinos on my mobile device?

    Yes, almost all casinos will support this method. You can use a web browser on your phone, or you can download an app and use that method. Some casinos don’t have the app, so you will have to use a web browser.

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